#InnovatorsMeetup In Review – The Future of Storytelling

A wicked cool place that is a bottle shop meets local bar Stag’s Head was thraleighstagsheade venue for our Future of Storytelling topic for the Carolinas Innovators & Design Thinkers Meetup. Tracey Hancock shared insights about being in the bar business and shared that the space was used for a variety of events including engagement parties…#neverthoughtofthat. If you are looking for a unique space to hang or have an event, we would recommend Stag’s Head.



We also were able to sample some #NCcraftbrews too from Durty Bull Brewery in Durham, NC. Brewmaster Ryan Weir shared insights on the brewing process and specialty beers.



reidOur electrifying speaker, Dr. Colbey Reid from NC State University’s Poole College of Management and Jenkins MBA program, challenged everything you know about story telling. Reid is uniquely qualified for this topic due to her background — she was an English literature professor for 10 years before she transitioned to Marketing and Business. You can say she knows a thing or two about story.  Plus she is a cultural analyst, trendspotter and Director of NC State University Consumer Innovation Consortium.

Here are some insights from Dr. Reid and the Future of Storytelling:

  1. Story is what distinguishes humans from other animals. Not language as previously thought – other animals have language and even plants have language. It is the narrative that separates us.
  2. Story should be viewed as a change-adaptation technology. WHOA…Mind blown.  There is a biology to story. Stories elicit a biological response in the brain and mind. You can use story to physically change people.
  3. Myth Buster Alert – There is no such thing as a creative genius. In fact, in order to create powerful, effective stories, it is critical to leverage the familiar, or as Dr. Reid shared “Steal like an artist.” Take something people know and adapt. Effective story telling has resonance with things we already know, not pure originality as many have suggested.
  4. Stories in the future will not be linear, chronological or even purely written or verbal. They will become organic organisms or experiences. And the ebook will NOT kill the physical book. In fact, Dr. Reid suggests books will become more physical. She uses Chris Ware’s book, Building Stories, as evidence of this evolution. The book comes in a box. The instructions on the box are part of the story experience. There are objects in the box you hide or place in your home and that is part of the story for years. The book is an experience in which the reader is an active participant.
  5. Less fiction, more reality for the future of stories.  Reality TV is just the beginning. We will experience more and more reality-based stories in the future. Dr. Reid suggests culturally there is an insatiable Reality Hunger. And not the made up reality we see today, but authentic, visceral and often uncomfortable reality.

Dr. Reid has tons more to share and we even asked her to share part 2 in the future with us. Her perspective of story innovation was just the mind candy our members crave. Thanks Dr. Reid. We can’t wait to have you back.

If you want to experience these principles with Dr. Reid, NC State Consumer Innovation Consortium is hosting a Shop the Future hackathon, November 2, 2016. Details coming soon.

patrickThe next Carolinas Innovators and Design Thinkers Meetup is scheduled for November 9, featuring Patrick McGowan, Service Design Expert from The Service Design Group where we will be doing hands-on design thinking through Rapid Prototyping a service. This session will be a bit longer than our usual meetups as we will be rolling up our sleeves and applying these principles. Join the group for details. We will continue the online engagement as well, so look out for hashtag #innovatorsmeetup to get involved regardless of your geography.


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