#InnovatorsMeetup In Review – Emerging Tech & News Reinvented

Another practical and relevant event for the Carolinas Innovators & Design Thinkers Meetup.  We had an incredible group of innovators @HQRaleigh for the session.Group

Spence –  Chris Spencer, R&D Manager in Emerging Technology for IBM shared how ambiguity for most is a risk, but for emerging tech is an opportunity. He emphasized the need to not only accept ambiguity but also to embrace it in order to leap ahead.  We learned how Waston started as a billion dollar opportunity, but now looks like it may turn into trillions.

IMG_0024We geeked out with terms like zettabytes, ambient computing and conversational computing. It sounds a bit like we are approaching the singularity where machines become aware like James Cameron’s Terminator, but we will have to wait and see about that.

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Key takeaways from Spence:

  • Look for tech that will effect your industry within  18 months — if it won’t ramp by then, it’s probably not worth it to investigate and apply right now.
  • Embrace ambiguity as the risk of the unknown will immobilize your competitors and create a BIG opportunity for you.

JodiNext up we dove into the changing world of news. Director of Content at WRAL.com, Jodi Leese Glusco began her presentation with a confession. “I had to change this presentation even today because the changes in the market <insert image of Pokemon Go> that is how fast things are evolving.”

She shared examples of covering recent tragic shooting events around the country and how important word choice is regardless of delivery mechanism.

One meetup attendee, Sarah Moravec, commented to Jodi — “WOW, you have it coming from all sides — the industry, the audience and the technology are all changing at the same time and fast.”

Jodi shared while objectivity has always been the cornerstone of journalism, now news it treated like a product and there are distinctive sides or perspectives. She admitted both native digital products, i.e. like Huffington Post or digital spins outs from traditional media like WRAL.com, are both still trying to figure out the monetization strategy of third party platforms and social media. She also mentioned news outlets are experimenting with automated content like Durham-based company Automative Insights that produces financial and sports content automatically — taking data and creating narrative without a human.

Key takeaways from Jodi:

  • News hasn’t changed. Consumption has increased, BUT the delivery mechanism has changed.
  • New platforms and media options are influencing how stories are put together. You can’t take a TV newscast and instantly change it into a series of tweets.
  • Vanity plays a big part when catering to your audience – how you involve the user, facilitate users interactions and create brand ambassadors through both content and delivery

The meetup closed with a quick popsicle networking activity where attendees got better acquainted.bacon t-shirt

We were excited to engage a larger virtual audience with our #innovatorsmeetup #tweetup this time. We even gave away a few 48 Innovate bacon T-shirts for online participation.

Two big topics boiled down to actionable nuggets based off of innovation from different industries. Thanks so much to Spence and Jodi.

The next Carolinas Innovators and Design Thinkers Meetup is scheduled for August 9. Join the group for details. We will continue the online engagement as well, so look out for hashtag #innovatorsmeetup to get involved regardless of your geography.



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