Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder

K. Melissa Kennedy, MBA
Founder. Bestselling Author.
Managing Partner
Intrapreneur. Entrepreneur.
Enthusiastic leader and speaker.
Teller of truths.
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Organizations that actually want to get things done get their people to work with K. Melissa Kennedy.

What kinds of things? Introducing new products. Building customer loyalty. Improving sales processes. Reorganizing operations to boost efficiency. In short, the kinds of activities that make a real difference inside big companies like Cisco, MetLife and Arby’s — for the people involved, for their customers and, oh yeah, for the bottom line.

To the tune of more than $1 billion in revenue-generating projects. And counting.

It’s all made possible by Smart Speed™, a unique process that focuses on intrapreneurship — taking advantage of the innovation-driving resources hiding in plain sight: front-line employees who have unique insights and great ideas. And who can, given the chance, launch amazing, effective, strategic, workable new initiatives in just 48 hours.

Yes, 48 hours. Hence the company name.

In previous work lives, Melissa lived through enough high-priced consultant engagements and shiny-object acquisitions to learn that they’re typically ineffective. And adding insult to injury, they take away too much time from real work.

That made her a passionate advocate for breaking through the quagmire of corporate bureaucracy and empowering internal teams with the best parts of startup culture: Teamwork. Focus. Speed. Accountability. Action.

Which led, in turn, to a series of successes, for herself and for her clients:

  • She pioneered one of the first social media strategic plans for Cisco System — including a monthly online video program that was viewed by 120,000 customers within the first year and ultimately helped add more than $1 billion to the sales pipeline
  • She launched a comprehensive marketing initiative for NC State University — which led to its first $1 billion fund-raising campaign
  • She co-led the effort to raise $3.1 billion for North Carolina public universities and community colleges — the largest higher education bond referendum campaign in US history

The icing on all those billion-dollar cakes? With her quick wit, abundance of energy, leadership flair and infectious enthusiasm, working with Melissa can be a heck of a lot of fun.  As the fine folks from these organizations have already discovered:

Cisco, MetLife, Lancope, Arby’s, Capitol Broadcasting Company New Media – WRAL, PRSONAS, Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog, REVO Communications, Erno Group, Focus Carolina, Madan Global, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, INZONE Brands, Albright Digital, Spring Metrics and NC State Kenan Fellows.

Melissa’s first book The Innovation Revolution,  Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight achieved #1 bestseller in 12 categories on Amazon in March 2017. It’s the essential guide for the 21st-century leader to deliver rapid results within the enterprise by creating and empowering INTRApreneurs – entrepreneurs on the inside. It reveals startup secrets reengineered to work for the enterprise.

She was recently named to the Triangle Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Leadership List 2017.

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Key topic areas within our expertise include: employee-driven innovation, INTRApreneurship, entrepreneurshipstartup mindset, lean startup methodologies, design thinking, digital fluency, growth strategies, social selling, sales innovation, marketing and brand innovation, employee engagement, employee experience team building and collaboration, and outcome-based meetings and events.

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