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48 Innovate Helps Lancope Define a Means to Achieve Skyrocketing Growth and Goals




In a word — GROWTH!! Fourteen-year-old start-up, Lancope, wanted to make the most of its success (and venture funding) with a plan that would fuel 50% growth per year over the next five years.

The top 25 global network security firm had also doubled its workforce in just a few months, creating a need to blend “old” and “new” employees into a cohesive unit with shared goals and vision.

It creates constraints that truly foster innovation and delivers

TK KeaniniCTO - Lancope



Bridge the divisions by bringing together 32 Lancope employees from multiple departments for a major injection of start-up culture (i.e. innovate and think outside the job description) to offer customer benefits, solve problems and drive achievement of goals company-wide.

Old meets new. Engineers partner with customer service representatives. Financial folks engage with marketing teams. Sales interacts with operational leads. Executives serve as team coaches and judges.

Everyone is engaged, invested, a stakeholder. And there’s a stopwatch to corral the innovation and keep it all on time. (How many internal planning or brainstorming sessions can you say that about?)

The buy-in on all levels, the infusion of a collective passion and the assimilation of our vision throughout the team enabled the company to produce real actionable projects from this experience.

David CocchiaraCOO & CFO - Lancope

Using this unique format and Lancope’s number one resource, its people, 48 Innovate helped teams generate not one, but three actionable plans that the company is in various stages of implementing — A fast track for a SaaS offering, a renewal loyalty program, and a consumer-like incentive model to save time while building more intelligence into its products.

That’s a win, win, win!



Lancope successfully infused its maturing company with start-up brand energy and practices, reinvigorating the culture that made it great.

On the human side, bonds were formed across all levels of employees. The workforce was empowered and engaged. New and old employees were equally passionate and invested.

Finally, management is now backing three exciting new plans for significant growth. The company COO & CFO, David Cocchiara, called this three for one result “a successful surprise ending.” And yes, he vows to use 48 Innovate again.

It brought together so many different parts of the company and gave us a platform to work with others with whom we wouldn't otherwise engage. Plus, the sense that your project could have a significant impact on the company as a whole is extremely exciting.

48 Innovate Participant




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This is hands down the best corporate event I've ever participated in.

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