Kennedy to Speaks at Appalachian Leadership Forum Receives Rave Reviews, November 12, 2016


K. Melissa Kennedy to Speaks about INTRApreneurship at Appalachian Leadership Forum, November 12, 2016

Boone, North Carolina – K. Melissa Kennedy speaks at Appalachian Leadership Forum, to be held November 12, 2016, at McCaskey Center, Boone, NC.

Kennedy shares “From Ideas to Action: An Intrapreneurs Guide to Thriving in the Enterprise,” to empower student leaders while in school and beyond. This session helps individuals inside companies, institutions or organizations to go from idea to action. It leverages both traditional and lean startup methodologies to help people take that brilliant idea, build internal buy-in through communication and influence to pilot to full-scale global roll out.

The reviews were outstanding. Kennedy received one of the highest satisfaction scores 4.7 out of 5. These reviews came from college students that rolled out of bed at 8 AM for the session. Students said they loved the interactive exercises to pitch fun product ideas. One student commented, “What a high energy session!” Another said, ” I learned clearly outlined steps to go beyond just an idea.”

The Appalachian Leadership Forum, ALF, is a statewide leadership conference that provides programs on topics such as:

  • Multicultural Leadership
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Business Leadership
  • Service Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Balance and Wellness.

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K. Melissa Kennedy is an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, and founder of 48 Innovate, an innovation facilitation firm, specializing in billion-dollar methodology, Smart Speed™, a unique process that focuses on intrapreneurship — taking advantage of the innovation-driving resources hiding in plain sight: front-line employees who have unique insights and great ideas. And who can, put in a room together and given the chance, launch amazing, effective, strategic, workable new initiatives in just 48 hours. Find more billion-dollar career highlights here.