How Cisco Commercial West System Engineering Managers Used 48 Innovate AGAIN to Keep the Momentum Going

How Cisco Commercial West System Engineering Managers Used 48 Innovate AGAIN to Keep the Momentum Going

“Startup mindset, seemingly instant buy-in and a lot of fun too.”

How Cisco Commercial West System Engineering Managers Used 48 Innovate AGAIN to Keep the Momentum Going



After a highly productive 48 Innovate planning session in 2014, Cisco Commercial West System Engineering Managers, a management level technical team, exceeded their lofty, double-digit growth goals.

Looking for new ideas and motivators to keep their momentum going, the group came back to 48 Innovate for an abbreviated Shark Tank-like planning session.

This time instead of focusing on a singular product the topic was SECURITY one of the hottest and most difficult in the tech world. (Brave choice team.)

The first (48 Innovate) session fast-tracked our planning and kept us focused on our goal all year– which we closed at 16% growth to the shock of most. Accelerated planning, startup mindset, seemingly instant buy-in and a lot of fun too. It was a must do AGAIN for us.

Paul BarbosaDirector of Systems Engineering - Cisco Systems



Planning meetings will never be the same. Killer process and mini innovation exercises that inspire after the event and scale far beyond the session attendees. Fast, fun and effective. 48 Innovate transformed our management meeting into a startup accelerator.

Chris RodriguezSystem Engineering Manager - Cisco Systems

Real results in half the time–how often can you say that about your management meetings?

The group analyzed this problem from every angle. Ideas were floated, judged, retooled and reworked into an actionable plan. Teams discovered new security resources within the company, validated scalable partner options and created a new spin on content and engagement for already planned customer events. Judges actually took one element from each of the four winning teams to form their roadmap for 15% growth across core product lines and 5-10% across emerging products in 2016.

And the best part? ALL participants were invested and confident the plan will succeed! How’s that for buy-in?



48 Innovate gets results! Not your typical meeting or motivational tool, the program is highly adaptable, effective, efficient and repeatable.

Businesses can bank on the results. Employees actually enjoy the process. Here’s what a Cisco West participant had to say–

Planning meetings have never been more productive, efficient, and fun. 48 Innovate transformed our management meeting into a startup accelerator with nimble teams, cross-functional coaches and executive resource commitment for the winning plan. Prep and follow-up is included too. Proven and quantifiable. We will continue to use 48 Innovate to run our group sessions.

Nicole SolokoSystem Engineering Manager - Cisco Systems




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