Case Studies

Innovation and Growth Case Studies

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Imagine if you could inject the best of the startup world into your corporate one and accelerate growth through employee-driven plans in just 48 hours. Our clients have with amazing results. Explore our impact.

How 48 Innovate Solved Two Problems for Cisco Commercial South Sales

Annual sales planning with a geographically scattered and busy leadership team took almost six weeks of scheduled and rescheduled meetings—too long to be efficient and meet market demand…Read more.


48 Innovate Helps Lancope Define a Means to Achieve Skyrocketing Growth and Goals

Fourteen year old start-up, Lancope, wanted to make the most of their success (and venture funding) with a plan that would fuel 50% growth per year over the next five years…Read more.


How Cisco Commercial West Systems Engineering Managers Used 48 Innovate AGAIN and AGAIN to Keep the Momentum Going

After a highly productive 48 Innovate planning session in 2014, Cisco Commercial West System Engineering Managers, a management level technical team, exceeded their lofty, double-digit growth goals…Read more.