We help companies hmpg-animation (1) like startups.


Sample Client Success: Return on innovation within 1 year


How It Works


You and your peers will unite, pitch, vote, team up, create and present in less than 48 hours. We are taking the bureaucracy away, short-circuiting the usual planning process and giving you a startup environment to answer the challenge question and THRIVE.

You will be provided with REAL data. Before the event you will receive a data packet that offers all you need to create the winning plan. Prep your 60-second pitch.

Imagine this is YOUR startup. How are you going to meet investors’ growth expectation? How are you going to solve customer needs in one year? Clock is ticking, resources are waiting, and pressure is on! Besides the 60-second pitch prep everything else happens onsite: Pitch, Vote, Form Teams and Create your plan to solve the challenge. Judges review and select the winning presentation. Winning team gets its plan incorporated into overall company plan.

Think like a Startup –
  • Act
with Big Corporate Resources – Make it happen all in 48 hours.

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Learn how to save time, energize and inspire your workforce while getting measurable results in just 48 hours. Download the 48 Innovate experience guide for free.


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Don’t have 48 hours to invest in an immersive innovation experience. Try a half day and full day workshops or contact us for innovation assessments, brainstorm and planning.

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